Virgo Season Zodiac Style

Virgo Season Zodiac Style

I don’t think I will have to spend much time convincing you that Beyoncé is the Queen B, and the quintessential Virgo pop star.

But why? 

Let’s start with a brief synopsis of Virgo.The earth sign that is extremely detail-oriented, thoughtful, and even perfectionistic. They achieve results through practical, systematic practice. Virgos tend to leave no stone unturned and no corners cut. This is a way of life for Beyoncé!

Queen B has long been loud and proud about her zodiac sign, creating songs such as the recent “Virgo’s Groove” off her latest album, Renaissance. Songs from past albums such as “Flawless,” “Formation” and even “Daddy Lessons” also show us her Virgoan nature, singing about themes such as perfection, getting to work, and learning. She’s one who clearly has studied music, culture, the careers of stars she aspires to be in league with like Aretha Franklin and Donna Summer. And she takes the necessary steps to achieve the high level of success she aims for. 

While most people need to make their own mistakes and learn from them, rather than being able to learn simply by studying the mistakes of others, Beyoncé appears not to be one of these people!

She is such a perfectionist that she never even allows us to see her doing normal human things that we have seen other celebrities do, even things we are sure she does, like working out. She is an incredible curator and creator of her own image. We never have seen Beyoncé make a mistake, look anything less than flawless, or any photos of her she does not want us to see.

When she headlined Coachella, we heard a lot about Beyoncé’s strict diet, physical training regimen and practice structure with the dancers and band. This discipline is very Virgo.  

Her performance style, her songwriting and producing are extremely studied and thorough. Even her business savvy is very discerning, another hallmark characteristic of Virgo. This exceptional judgment allows her to succeed in the most Virgoan way possible.

There is clearly a purposeful daily regimen dedicated to Beyoncé’s becoming and maintaining her musical and physical self, where all the way she is making decisions and exercising her very Virgoan talent for discernment.

Virgo is also associated with service. Using her talent for discernment, Beyoncé does do service to her fans. During the summer of 2022, she released a song called “Break My Soul” about releasing burnout and quitting one’s job during a time of the “Great Recession” and “quiet quitting,” keeping a pulse on the culture. This is part of an album full of fun, danceable songs, during a summer in which we needed some fun after a very intense two years and amidst some tough news cycles. This album is also full of queer references, as she gives service to her many queer fans. She not only worked with queer artists but uplifted them and made sure they received credit on her songs so they could get share in her success. Beyoncé showed her strong attention to detail with this effort. I predict Beyoncé will never get canceled because she will always be two steps ahead of where the culture is.

Now, the time has come that I must choose jewelry to style Beyoncé in, which is a hard call because the jewels have to be live up to Beyoncé’s queen status and penchant for statement jewelry!

I’ve chosen pieces make a major statement, just as Beyoncé always does. They bring out the fun, sparkle, beauty, and regality of her style and stature.

The Oversized Oculus Tear Drop Earrings would look amazing against her light hair and bring out the sparkle and light in her eyes. They are large and avante-garde, like we have seen her look fantastic and so at home in before.

This long, D-shaped rutilated quartz pendant, one of our newest pieces, is just an extremely unique and one of a kind piece. Its golden lines would bring out the glow that seems to always emanate from around her, and she would carry it with the stature and swagger it deserves. Beyoncé wears gold a lot and looks extremely gorgeous in this color!


Beyoncé has always walked the line between avante-garde and approachable in her music and fashion very gracefully, and I think that also describes these two rings very well. They are enough of a statement for her to sparkle in a unique way on a red carpet wear or look stunning while holding a microphone as she carries off a flawless musical performance.


While most zodiac seasons I would talk about more than one celebrity, Beyoncé sums up Virgo so perfectly that I don’t feel it’s necessary to discuss anyone else!

What do you think? Do you have any other favorite Virgo celebrities? What are your favorite Beyoncé moments? Who would you like me to write about next zodiac season, which is Libra?! I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. 

Enjoy the rest of Virgo season!


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