Libra Season Zodiac Style

Libra Season Zodiac Style

Libra’s hallmark values are balance and beauty. With its symbol of the scales, Librans are motivated to seek and create equilibrium in all areas of life. Libra is also ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, values and money, so it’s no surprise Librans tend to excel in the arts and be creators and curators of style! 

Relationships are one area of life where harmony is important to them, including partnerships of all kinds. They tend to have the gift of gab, being able to talk to and charm anyone at the party.  Sometimes Libras can lean towards looking outside of themselves and towards others for advice, and this can direct them towards people-pleasing behaviors– a tendency that has pros and cons!

Additionally, given their drive towards harmony and equilibrium, seeking justice is important to them. Notable Libras include Judge Judy and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez– two different women from different generations, both of whom are oriented towards justice and speak out on behalf of what they believe is just for those whom and that which they value. 

Serena Williams, Gwyneth Paltrow and Bruno Mars exemplify their Libra zodiac sign in unique ways, and I chose to style them for this challenge. See below for how they embody their zodiac sign, and how I’d style them in Dana Bronfman jewelry based on their astrological profile! 

Serena Williams

We all know Serena Williams as arguably the best tennis player in the world. Yet this Libra juggles far more than that! She is a mother, fashion designer, business owner, and venture capitalist who invests in initiatives and founders seeking to “change the world” according to the website for her firm, Serena Ventures. Not only does she balance all of these roles she plays brilliantly, she embodies her sign through the Venusian themes of design, capital, and empowering positive change.

Serena has also embodied Libra energy through the outfits she has chosen to wear to her tennis matches, having sported diamond accessories, sparkly outfits and catsuits (which were even banned from the French open after she showed up to a match wearing one!). 

When Williams announced her retirement from tennis career with raising a child and running her businesses. I am proud of her for choosing what was best for her and her family considering how difficult it can be for a Libra to make this type of decision that involves disappointing a lot of people.  

During her tennis matches, Serena has loved to sparkle, but focused on earrings and necklaces, as bracelets and rings could feel as if they would get in the way as she swings her racket.  I would dress her in studs and diamond-forward necklaces that would be sparkle whether on camera or to her fans in the stands. Now that Serena is retiring from her tennis career, it’s a great opportunity for her to start wearing bracelets and rings, and she certainly deserves a gold bangle or diamond eternity band to celebrate her retirement! 









Gwyneth Paltrow

“It’s what makes life interesting, finding the balance between cigarettes and tofu,” Gwyneth Paltrow once said, and I think this sums up her Libran personality so well. The actress turned lifestyle brand and business founder has become hugely influential on the beauty, fashion, and wellness worlds, having helped bring them into the mainstream consciousness, and has arguably succeeded in her second career beyond her wildly successful previous acting career. She and her company, whose persona is an extension of her own vision, are looked to for both cocktail recipes and exercise tips. Her true gift is balancing all of it, and doing so with style. Her company not only focuses on Venusian themes such as beauty, style, and the value of health, but caters to primarily a female audience as well, as Venus rules femininity. 

Whether attending a red carpet event or speaking at a business conference, Gwyneth would look fantastic in the following pieces. I included a few layerable necklaces, bracelets, and rings, as Gwyneth is a bit trendy and would love to wear jewelry styled in a way that reflects the times. Given that she tends to set trends rather than following, I think she would look great wearing gorgeous but less expected gemstones and designs, such as the Cactus Moon Rising Earrings, Holly Pendants, innovative takes on gold bangles, a rutilated quartz cabochon ring, or uniquely stacked gold bands that she can wear with ease and versatility through all the different roles she plays in life.






Bruno Mars

The artist Bruno Mars is known for his pop music hits and smooth vocals. His music is always a crowd-pleaser, balanced in the sense that it appeals to a wide range of people. His knack for pleasing people in this way makes him very successful, even though its great mass appeal can sometimes turn some people off. Regardless, his commercial success is undeniable. Libra’s ruler Venus rules the arts, so his music career as well as his well-curated style reflect his success in this field as well as curating his personal style and look. 

Mars’ style and image balance a bit of femininity with masculinity, reflecting the Libran scales. Even though he doesn’t wear much jewelry, he can definitely pull it off as well as a bit of sparkle, and I believe wouldn’t shy away from it. I would style him in our Mini Hollow Coin Pendant, Open Silhouette Bracelet, and either the Bullet Cuff Links of Emerald Cut Oculus Bezel Cuff Links to fit his artistic, polished, and dapper image. 



What do you think? I’d love to hear in the comments below! Thank you so much for reading, and have a fantastic rest of your Libra season! Scorpio season is next. Let me know if there are any specific Scorpio personalities you’d like me to write about next season! 

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