About Dana Bronfman

Dana Bronfman is a New York City-based modern fine jewelry designer, best known for her “quietly bold” aesthetic using her signature “oculus” design. This circular open space allows natural light to shine though, illuminating the uniqueness of those that wear her work. It symbolically opens space for the owner to connect with the pieces’ symbolism and the story of the jewel’s journey from mine to finger.


The artist’s love for jewelry began with a childhood fascination with her grandmother’s Native American jewelry collection. She studied jewelry craftsmanship at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, where she came to revere the craft of metalsmithing. Putting together her passions for activism and adornment, she founded her eponymous collection in 2014 with a mission to create wearable art that tells a story about the connections between the Earth and the people that walk it.

Dana works with a small team of master jewelers in New York to create each piece from reclaimed and fairmined gold, as well as carefully-chosen, responsibly-sourced diamonds and gemstones. In her work, matte and textured finishes, plus one-of-a-kind gemstone cuts in their natural colors, come together with each intentional hammer strike to reflect the light of those that own and wear the designs. Each jewel pays homage to its earthly
origins and the hands each element passed through before the works’ final polish. While created with technical mastery, the pieces celebrate inclusions, symbolizing the beautiful imperfections of each individual.


In 2017, Dana won Fashion Group International’s “Rising Star” award. Her work has been featured in publications from The Knot to Vogue, and worn by celebrities such as Rachel Brosnahan, Laverne Cox, and Carrie Underwood, but her favorite part of her work is making authentic connections with people around the world and seeing the joy her jewelry brings people. The soul of each piece shines brighter than its opulence as it brings forth the hidden complexity of each individual-- their beauty and strength, and a story uniquely theirs.