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Leo Season Zodiac Style

Leo Season Zodiac Style

Happy Leo Season! 

This season is ruled by the sun, so it’s no surprise that it’s people born under the Sun in Leo shine bright, being very comfortable in the spotlight, tend to have a big presence, and make others feel illuminated in their presence. They have star quality, are generous and artistic, creative and charismatic. Leos are also known for their courage, which not only comes from confidence and bravery, but from the heart– which Leo rules. It’s easier, after all, to be very courageous when you feel very passionate about something– and passion is something Leos do not lack! Sometimes they even love a little drama, and their need for attention can be their Achilles heel sometimes. Other times, the urge for attention and fame can be rewarded, as with when someone is seeking celebrity status. So while it won’t surprise you there are a ton of celebrities (Viola Davis) and even presidents (such as Barack Obama and Bill Clinton) with sun in Leo, I’ve chosen three to dress up in Dana Bronfman jewels. Due to Leo’s bold and glamor-loving nature, they would definitely choose jewels on the bold side of quietly bold, or at least style them in a bold way.  



Throughout her 40 year career, Madonna has dealt in a currency of shock, from her songs such as “Like a Virgin,” “Human Nature” and more recently “Unapologetic B*tch,” to her performance style and fashion choices. Madonna has proven herself as a “Ray of Light” with incredible staying power, constantly wowing us with her boundless energy and passion for pop stardom. Leo is a fixed sign, and Madonna has definitely been a fixture of pop culture, a status she has proved determined to keep. 

Due to Madonna’s bold and tough style choices, I’d layer her up in jewels. I can see her rocking our blackened silver pieces as that seems to be her vibe lately.









Jason Momoa

The Hawaiian actor is a large guy with a large presence, like the sun! Not only is he not afraid to wear flamboyant clothing and jewelry, he has been known to rock a pink velvet scrunchie, all of which earn him a lot of attention. Leos are also known for their manes– and he definitely has one! Not only does Momoa seem to have been made for the spotlight, he embodies the “taking heart” part of the Leo archetype. He started Manalulu water company, which is sold in aluminum bottles because it is more recyclable and better for the environment than plastic, which is especially terrible for the ocean and its wildlife– something it makes sense he cares about having grown up in Hawaii.  When a good friend of his was diagnosed with Leukemia, he started a website and campaign to help him and many more cancer patients find a blood stem cell match by getting more people to sign up to donate a cheek swab if they are found to be a match on the registry. You can register to potentially help save lives here

Jason’s instagram handle is even @prideofgypsies . A group of lions is called a “pride!”

I would love to dress Momoa in the below two necklaces layered because they are bold and earthy like the jewels he seems to like to wear, while being pink, a color he seems to love!


Jennifer Lopez 

Last but definitely not least, Jennifer Lopez is a Leo to the maximum.  She seems to love fame, and fame definitely loves her.  A multi-talented artist, Lopez is a singer, dancer, and actor. Known for her bold choices, images of her in a plunging V-neck Versace gown at the Grammy Awards in the year 2000 were downloaded an unprecedented amount of times in a year before the internet was so ubiquitous. Even though the dress had been previously worn by its designer Donatella Versace and Spice Girl Geri Halliwell during the previous year to high profile events, Jennifer’s presence in the dress made it a star, and Donatella Versace credits this moment as a major turning point of her career after she had taken over the house after its original designer, her brother, Gianni, was killed. It is natural for Leos to illuminate others around them in their presence. Twenty years later, she revived the look on the Versace fashion show runway. Can you believe there were twenty years between these images?! J.Lo is another star with a career and persona as ever-present as the sun. 

I also read the dress was subtly adorned with citrines– a stone associated with the sun and Leo, due to its golden nature. 

Lopez made headlines again at the 2020 Superbowl when her half-time show performance was too sexy for some people. But this Leo’s light cannot be dimmed! She literally was shining in a metallic costume.

I also love this picture of J. Lo because it shows her glamorous Leo self along with her beautiful Leo mane. 

I would choose to dress Jennifer in the below glamorous pieces, including a spessartite garnet ring to bring out her fierce and fiery personality, a star rutilated quartz bracelet to represent Leo’s color and star quality, glitzy earrings, and a big bold diamond ring.


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