Redefining Luxury

Redefining Luxury

My jewelry is not about status. It’s about design– expression, creativity, love, and, yes, beauty. But when you wear it, I want you to feel truly beautiful– like you’re becoming more of your true self, connecting to that element of uniqueness that is the light that only you have, which is your true beauty. 


My jewelry is created with high craftsmanship and precious materials, but it’s about escaping from the trap of consumption, because the pieces are an investment. They aren’t to fill an emptiness but to enhance your wholeness, to express all the layers of who you are through color, texture, and the negative space that is just as important as the positive space. Not something to be accumulated, but something to be cherished. To enjoy as a moving work of art as you wear it, or to bring a smile to your face when you see it on your nightstand.

We describe our jewelry as “quietly bold.” It’s a symbol of daring to be yourself in a world that wants you to fit in, assimilate and conform. The quietly bold person knows who they are and aren’t afraid to be it, to own it. To be calmly, not loudly, embodied in your true colors. It’s not flashy, but it takes boldness to wear our designs by stepping out of the boxes the world creates for us. It allows us to create our own boxes through our own style. Or, heck, a circle. Or a group of circles, clustered together, that open space to allow the light in and our own lights to shine through.  

The circles are us. Together, different sizes, but all reaching towards something we don’t physically touch but are inextricably connected to and connected to each other. We create something special in relationship to each other. Our jewelry is a symbol of our love for each other, the world and ourselves. I hope you feel this quiet boldness and in touch with your essence when you wear it.


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