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Why we are removing the term “gypsy” from our vocabulary

Posted on January 13 2022

There is a term commonly referred to as a “gypsy setting” in jewelry, when the surface of a gemstone sits flush with the metal it is set into. While many of our diamond accents are flush or burnish-set into the surface of metal, “gypsy setting” has been used to describe when one large stone sits at the center of a ring flush-set with the metal. 

However, we have recently decided to stop using the word “gypsy” altogether, as it has recently come to our attention that the term is a slur for the Roma people. This is more commonly known in Europe than the United States. Many Roma people in Europe live a nomadic lifestyle and are discriminated against due to their difference in culture. Using the word “gypsy” reinforces negative stereotypes about the Roma people, and continues to reinforce cultures of discrimination against them. I learned a lot from a blog post on Mindful Mermaid’s website and encourage you to read more here

Although we used this term to describe the style of setting only, I acknowledge our part in continuing to use and spread the use of this detrimental language.  Intention does not matter when the impact is harm, and harm we have caused by continuing to use this word and normalize its use. 

This is an example of how ingrained discrimination can be in our languages and cultures. I vow that we at Dana Bronfman will not use this word anymore and will encourage others in the jewelry industry as well as travel communities, in which the word “gypsy” has been commonly used and appropriated, to stop using the troublesome term. 

I encourage you as well, dear reader, to take a look at the article and learn more about why we should eliminate this word from our vocabulary!  

Thanks in advance for taking a look. 



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