Reciprocity Returned to New York City Jewelry Week

Reciprocity Returned to New York City Jewelry Week

This year at New York City Jewelry week was our second Reciprocity exhibition, where 13 international jewelers showcased their work collaborating with Peruvian responsible artisanal miners from a Women's Mining Association. These miners use mercury-free methods and some have achieved fairmined status already, while others are working towards it.

Photo credit: Mariya Nicole
This special exhibition was a groundbreaking opportunity to know who mined our gold and create a magical experience for attendees. We recreated a jungle scape at the consulate of Peru in which our jewelry creations were displayed. Attendees learned the story of the issues with mining, but also the solutions that we are working towards. I wanted to recreate that for you here. Continue reading below to learn more and how you can help be this positive change.  

Gold dust is separated from mercury in the gravimetric table. The shaking movement separates most everything from the earth other than the sand and gold particles and replaces the need for mercury. (photo credit: Miguel Castro)

 These artisanal mines are alluvial, and appear very different than the large open pit mines you may have seen images of. (photo credit: Miguel Castro)

1500 tons of gold are extracted annually due to its intense profitability. We believe investing in the solutions to what make mining non-toxic to the planet and improving the way mining is done is the only way to create sustainable change in the jewelry industry and beyond.  (photo credit: Miguel Castro)

The spirit of reciprocity is alive in the collaboration between Pure Earth field workers and the miners, as well as with the land. Pure Earth and the miners work to reforest the region, planting indigenous plants and researching the methods of how to properly plant them for the best outcome.  Since 2018, miners trained by Pure Earth have reforested approximately 8.4 hectares of land with the support of Pure Earth. 

For this exhibition, 13 designers have joined the miners in the spirit of Reciprocity to purchase material directly from them and encourage them to continue mining responsibly. Fellow members of the jewelry industry, as well as tech industries that use gold, are invited to join the movement in support of mercury-free mining in order to create the sustainable supply chain necessary for these miners to continue working in harmony with the planet. Jewelry lovers and collectors are invited to support the movement, spread the word, and purchase jewelry that has been mined without mercury, including our Reciprocity collection, and any of our pieces made with fairmined gold.

Below are the pieces created for the Reciprocity exhibition.
Melting Persistance Brooch made from 18K Yellow Peruvian Gold, Montana and Australian Sapphires, African Garnets, and Diamonds.
Clouds of Hope Earrings made from 18K Yellow Peruvian Gold mined by Evelyn & Lucila, no heat Asscher cut lavender sapphire mined by Mchoka, lavender Umba sapphire mined by Fikeni, Moyo Gems mined in Tanzania & cut by Beth Stier in Michigan.
Clouds of Hope Pendant made from 18K Yellow Peruvian Gold mined by Evelyn & Lucila and Moonstone mined by Walles in Tanzania and cut by Beth in Michigan from Moyo Gems.
Clouds of Hope Ring made from 18K Yellow Peruvian Gold mined by Evelyn and Moonstone mined by Mariam in Tanzania and cut by Beth in Michigan from Moyo Gems.

20% of the proceeds from the sales of Reciprocity pieces will be donated to Pure Earth, the NGO working to train and support these miners in developing their responsible mining work as well as reforesting, that we normally donate 10% of sales to in order to support this important work. You can also directly donate to Pure Earth. 

Thank you to all of our sponsors: Amaru Superfoods, Jora Restaurant, Consulate of Peru in New York, Prom Peru NY, and Kuna.
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