Aquarius Season Style

Aquarius Season Style

Aquarius, the third air sign of the zodiac, is known for being the humanitarian of the zodiac. Rebellious, community-minded, and innovative, the planet Uranus, which is all about unpredictable change, rules this zodiac sign. Aquarians are known for having a unique aesthetic sensibility. Due to their desire to make a broad impact in the world, they can have a sensitive side and care about others on a macro level.

For these reasons, I believe Oprah Winfrey is the quintessential Aquarius woman.  Oprah has always done things her own way, and it has made her very successful. It would seem what drives Oprah is not money, power and fame, although she has plenty of all of those. But, it seems she is determined to make a difference in the world. 

Through her interviews, she shows the power of seeing the humanity in all people. She connects with people naturally on a deep level and encourages them to share themselves which impacts everyone who hears the stories.

Aquarius is also associated with innovation and technology. Oprah is a media mogul, with her own TV network, multiple podcast series, and a prominent philanthropist. She founded a school in South Africa for girls and considers the students her “daughter-girls.”  Not only does she create change, but she is deeply and spiritually connected to what she does. Each of her ventures offer people the chance to learn something, connect more deeply to others, as well as spiritual concepts and practices, all aimed at improving people’s characters and lives, which in turn makes the world better.

Aquarians are known for not being great at small talk, which is why some consider them to be a bit alien-like. Oprah has referred to herself as an introvert and while she is not known for being a small talker, she is known for bringing about big conversations. She has always been open about her own struggles whether with her past trauma or with weight loss, and that has had a positive on many people who can relate to her story, encouraging them to open up more and build stronger connections. 

Aquarians often call on their community to participate in making change alongside them as they tend to be collaborative. When Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson started “The People’s Fund of Maui” following historic wildfires in Hawaii last summer, they donated a collective $10 million to put money directly into the hands of those experiencing hardship as a result of these fires, and called on their communities to join them in donating what they can. This sparked outrage from many people, who did not believe it was fair for these extremely wealthy people to ask anyone else to contribute. Oprah was taken aback by the outcry, and responded that she had thought the $10 million sum was enough, and considered many people at the time were hoping for a way to help.

Winfrey acted in the original movie adaptation of Alice Walker’s novel “The Color Purple” and produced a remake of the musical version that came out in late 2023. Lately, she has currently been attending many awards shows wearing only purple in order to promote the film. I can’t wait to see it and love these looks on Oprah!

As far as how I would style her, I would love to have her wear two of my favorite designs using her current signature color.


Oprah tends to wear bold jewelry, and this is fitting since she makes an impact wherever she goes. The Sugarloaf Chalcedony Ring is a bold piece that would go perfectly with her purple looks and styles we have seen her in. She also wears hoops often. Our Oversized Hammered Click Hinge Hoops would be gorgeous on her and illuminate her glowing face.






I’d also style her in our Persistence Leaf Chalcedony Pendant, a bold statement piece that she could really pull off! I believe Oprah would see the layers, depth and meaning behind this piece. Its layered appearance looks different depending on the light, as light shines through the oculus openings that back it.  Its waviness symbolizes how we can bend and remain strong, not breaking, as this piece adds strength to the necklace. Aquarius is a fixed sign, marked by persistence, and Oprah certainly is someone who has persisted, driven by “what she knows for sure” – a concept she is asks every interviewee about.



Finally, I’d complete the look with our Sun Hammered and Oculus Coin Oval Hinged Bangle simply because I think it would look great with this look and on her. It’s a little bit unusual in an Aquarian way, but regal enough for a leader like Oprah.


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