Capricorn Season Style

Capricorn Season Style

It’s Capricorn season! This zodiac sign is marked by the symbol of the sea goat, a mythical creature that can both venture to the depths of the ocean and climb to the top of a mountain. We know them to be high achieving people with a strong ability to handle emotional complexity. Capricorns tend to be confident, but not egotistical. They inherently take the necessary steps that will lead them to success in the ways they define.  

Their steadiness leads them to success, with a relentless ambition and poise. They don’t shy away from difficult tasks, conversations or situations, knowing they have the ability to handle them emotionally and do the work to build from them. They are the doers among us. Ruled by the planet of Saturn, which rules structure, responsibility and time, they tend to not like wasting it and are usually very effective at managing it. Because they only do what they commit to, they tend to be very loyal, and can have a gift for gently giving tough love. Capricorns hold themselves to high standards and tend to have those same standards for others in their lives. I am in awe of how effective Capricorns can be and how naturally they achieve their goals.

This description makes it sound like Capricorns are incredibly effective, but maybe not the most fun. Well, I’m about to prove that theory wrong, because Dolly Parton is a Capricorn! 

Dolly Parton is an accomplished signer-songwriter, actress, businesswoman and philanthropist. She is best known for winning the hearts of all Americans through her ability to stay completely grounded, grateful and gracious. Despite being one of the most accomplished people in entertainment, her brand of humility and sweetness is completely unmatched by any person in the public eye and I am pretty sure in most people’s lives as well. She is quite the maternal heroine of pop culture, America’s sweetheart.  

Parton grew up with simple beginnings as one of twelve kids on a farm and climbed her way out of poverty, like the Capricorn goat she is, to become an incredibly successful and talented songwriter as well as singer. This is quite a feat considering her father was unable to read and write.  She launched a non-profit organization called the Imagination Library, which gives books to children in several countries around the world. Roughly 1 in 10 children in the US receives books from her company. Perhaps more famously, Parton donated $1 million dollars to fund Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine research early in 2020.   

Mentioning Dolly’s philanthropic work is not to diminish her incredibly successful music career.  She is the most honored female country musician of all time, and the winner of 11 Grammy Awards and 51 nominations, among countless other musical honors.  She has also been nominated for two Academy Awards, a Tony Award and an Emmy Award.  Movies such as the famous film, 9 to 5, for which she wrote the smash hit theme song, expanded on her already monumental career.   

Dolly has used her time in life extremely well, and shows her ability to commit and work through difficult situations both in her career and also in her personal life. She has been married to one man since 1966, marking a relationship of a length that is extremely rare these days. It seems fitting that she wrote the song “I Will Always Love You,” which became one of the most chart-topping and best known songs of all time when it was recorded by Whitney Houston and released when Houston starred in the film The Bodyguard

Dolly’s is currently 76 and still creating, while using her success to give back. While this blog has been a long list of Dolly’s many accomplishments, that is very fitting for a blog about a Capricorn!  I think one of the reasons we love her so much is because she doesn’t appear as if she thinks she is special for it. It comes naturally to her, and she is sweet enough to act as if she believes we could do it, too.  Her humility and graciousness through her admirable accomplishments and generosity is what makes her quintessentially Capricorn. And, of course, she makes her incredibly polished look seem effortless, although we know it probably takes her hours to get ready. 

When it comes to style, Dolly is known for her big blonde hair, long nails, golden smile, and often sparkly looks. She is rarely seen without long sleeved ensembles and often something low cut. That means only statement pieces will suffice for Dolly, with plenty of sparkle, but also color. She loves a big earring, a statement ring, and something sparkly on her chest, whether as part of her clothing or as jewelry itself.

These earrings seem so quintessentially Dolly because they are both down-to-earth, with a pop of color and sparkle, but just enough so as to not overpower the other pieces in her ensemble. 

Land and Sky Agate, Diamond, and Opalized Wood Earrings, 18K Yellow Fairmined Gold, Montana Agate, Opalized Wood, $6,530

This pendant would work for Dolly regardless of the neckline she is rocking that day, with its adjustable length, and it fills her need for sparkle. It’s anything but stuffy, and still fun and playful, just like everything Dolly wears and does.


Half-Pavé Holly Pendant, 18K Yellow Gold, Diamond Pavé approx. 0.9-1.00 ct, adjustable length (up to 18”) chain, $8,130 

The Universe Ring is a bold statement ring that brings the whole look together– the black from the earrings, as well as the blue and earth tones. The diamonds give off the level of sparkle she needs to show off the shining star she really is. 

Universe Ring, Black Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver, 18K Yellow Gold, Diamonds approx. 0.4 ct, Sapphires approx. 1.16 ct, $5,285

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, and contact me for any more information about the jewelry mentioned in this piece!

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