Taurus Season Zodiac Style

Taurus Season Zodiac Style

It’s May, and that means Taurus season! Many people associate Taurus with its figure the bull, and with that being stubborn.  While Taurus is a fixed sign and known for strong will and determination, Taurus is so much more than that! Ruled by Venus, Taurus governs beauty, love, and values. In the earth element, it is strongly connected to nature, being the season that comes in the middle of spring. What we do here at Dana Bronfman is so connected to Taurus themes, as I aim to connect you with your true, radiant beauty and values.

The famous Taurus people we have decided to dress this season are diva queens Lizzo and Cher!



Lizzo’s style is decadent in true Taurus fashion. Taurus is a very tactile sign who embraces sensory experiences and imagery. Lizzo lets us know she enjoys the sensual pleasures of food, drink, movement, dance and love through her music and all the imagery she projects through performances and her own social media page. Her instagram handle is @lizzobeeating, and she even did a TED talk about twerking!

We decided to “dress” Lizzo in the Dana Bronfman X Muzo Emeralds East-West Marquise Agra Crown Ring  because of its lush green color that encapsulates Taurus energy, but the crown motif embodies how she seems to enjoy life like a queen. 

We’d pair the ring with the statement East-West Marquise Emerald & Oculus Tiered Drop Earrings that are as dazzling as she is and will pop whether she’s on stage, the red carpet, or we could even see her pairing these with a look from her new shapewear brand and not much else!


Lizzo does love to wear jewelry that sparkles and blings, so we chose the Half-Pavé Holly Pendant in yellow gold and diamonds so that she can sparkle as much as she wants. Since this necklace can be worn multiple ways, she can adjust the length of the chain or wear it horizontally or vertically to layer with her “Yitty” necklace or wear it on its own.

We would have her wear the Pavé Lipstick Ring with Pavé in black or gold, since they bring out her glamor and inner sparkle. We could layer her up in these rings along with many others, like she adorned almost every centimeter of her fingers in the photo at the top of the page from the BRIT Awards in 2020.


Cher is another Taurus diva who has truly achieved queen status. She became known for her iconic body-revealing and often bejeweled looks on the red carpet. She doesn’t wear much color, but her neutrals are anything but plain.

I love how the below photo shows Cher’s style through the different phases of her storied and long career and life in the public eye.


Earthly glamor is a signature Taurus trait! In the second photo from right, Cher glows like sunkist morning dew. The look inspired me to dress her in the below, delicate but statement-like earrings, Half-Dipped Faceted Drop Earrings.

In the photo on the far right, you see Cher wearing feathers and what reminds me of a floral motif on her dress and accessories. The Open Lily Solitaire would be perfect for her to pair with these to allude to the Taurus earth element.

As I have no doubt Cher would wear a very ornate outfit with these jewels, I decided to keep the jewelry on the simpler side.


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