Cancer Season Zodiac Style

Cancer Season Zodiac Style

Have you been feeling a little moody or emotional lately? Yes, the world has given us plenty of reasons for that– but, also, it’s Cancer season! The zodiac sign of the crab marks this midsummer melancholy with its cardinal water energy. 

While Cancer gets a reputation for being overly sensitive at times, they are fierce! Think Mama Bear energy. Do not mistake them for being weak, or you will regret the wrath that will be unleashed on you from their passionate, protective natures.  A Cancer friend is a great friend to have in your corner, because they will be endlessly caring towards you if you are as generous and loyal to them as they are to you.

I’ve chosen to write about some of my favorite Cancer celebrities who are extremely passionate, talented and emotional artists.  I believe artists feel very deeply, and to produce their best work, must be very emotionally mature in order to channel their feelings effectively towards their art. These artists are all fantastic examples of this.

If you are familiar with the music of Lana del Rey, it probably would not surprise you to know that she is a Cancer. Her famous song, “Summertime Sadness” gave voice to the emotions we feel during Cancer season, and overall, her music has a sadness to it. She sings about romance and even having fun as if they are tragedy– the way they sometimes feel like it, and the way they sometimes are. 

Lana’s style feels romantic and nostalgic. I’d dress her in some classic styles that feel antiquey and timeless at once, like the Oculus Top Round Signet Ring, Small Click Hinge Hoops, Diamond Tiny Coin Necklace and Very Tiny Coin Stud Earrings that resemble the moon– which rules Cancer.

Frida Kahlo was another Cancer artist who lived her life and art with true passion. Cancer is connected to the home, and due to having polio and suffering a terrible injury that left her bedridden at early ages, she learned to paint from her bed and ended up creating a huge body of work that became her livelihood and a way to express herself and feelings, all from her bed. 

Frida truly embodied the “Mama Bear” style of fierce resilience. Like a mother who could lift a car to save her child, Frida lived her life with a great deal of resilience. Despite her chronic pain, she created a prolific body of work both artistically and in her life– traveling the world, being active in political organizing, often taking in artists and exiled politicians from abroad and hosting them in her home. 

Although she tried to become pregnant, Frida was not able to become a mother herself, yet she did refer to taking on a more maternal role in her relationship with her husband, Diego Rivera, in her journals, and painted herself as a madonna and Diego as being held in her arms like a baby.  

Frida is possibly known even more for her fashion, always dressing in traditional and very Mexican looks because she was proud of her heritage.  So choosing jewelry for her is a bold task, but I can meet it with bold pieces: The Tiger Stripe Agate Earrings, Rhodcrosite D Pendant, and Moon Landing Round Sliced Tourmalated Quartz Tapered Coins Ring, and the Solar System Cuff. 

Solangé is a favorite Cancer and style icon. She keeps it close to her family and to home, and her Southern roots. You may have heard rumors about her “Mama Bear” self coming out to protect her sister on an elevator once.
I would choose the Moira Tourmalated Quartz, Agate, and Diamond Earrings for Solangé, because I think they’d look amazing on her, don’t you? I also feel inspired to add a regal diamond ring, and I chose the Petal Tiers Ring with an Antique Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond to show that she’s she’s an artist both of her roots and history and also that she’s here to make music that will be listened to in many generations.

Last but not least, I cannot end this story without naming Meryl Streep. Known as one of the world’s best actresses, she translates emotions into a diverse resume of roles, and she plays each with empathy and grace (unless the character, like Miranda Priestly, has no empathy). Meryl’s inner Mama Bear came out at the 2017 Golden Globes, when, accepting a lifetime achievement award, she chose to use the opportunity to make a speech defending the importance of a free press, and in the end, quoted Carrie Fisher, “Take your broken heart, and make it into art.” 

Streep has played many types of mother roles, from Don’t Look Up to Mamma Mia, is a mother of four in real life, and feels a bit like our mother a bit– doesn’t she? 

I think Meryl would stun in elegance on the red carpet in our Oculus Agra Earrings with Marquise Emerald Drops and Modern Elegance Station Y Necklace, and Holly Ring with Double Eternity “Halos.”  For the next time she wins an Oscar.






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