Pisces Season Style

Pisces Season Style

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and ruled by the planet Neptune, which rules imagination, fantasy, the high arts and the dream world. Marked by the symbol of two fish swimming away from each other, Pisces straddles the dream world and reality. It is said to have absorbed the lessons of all the signs that came before it, which allows Pisces people to be very empathetic and attune to others naturally. Pisceans are creative, compassionate, sensitive, and intuitive. As a mutable water sign, Pisces can easily swim through their surroundings, adapting effortlessly from situation to situation as their sign dissolves boundaries.

Pisces can be a very deep sign, and often can seem very approachable while encompassing an ethereal quality.  The Pisces people I’ve chosen to write about are all very different from each other in personality and persona, yet they all seem like they could be your best friend, in different ways. Read on to see who I’ve chosen to style for Pisces Season and why!

Drew Barrymore

photo credit: Jill Greenberg for Variety

Drew Barrymore is an actress and talk show host known for her sweet, sunny personality and affectionate demeanor.  She started acting when she was a young child, and adapted very easily to different characters, never looking like she was working too hard to act because it came so naturally to her. She also has played several different roles in her life and career, as the founder of production company, Flower Films, as well as the beauty company, Flower Beauty.  She wrote an autobiography of her difficult childhood in the substance abuse-filled world of celebrity culture, and published a book of photographs of objects in the shape of a heart. These two extremes of addiction and super sweetness demonstrate the two ends of the Neptunian spectrum.

When Drew posted a video on her instagram account where she was gleefully frolicking in the rain, encouraging everyone else to do so, she was telling us she’s a Pisces without telling us she is a Pisces! It was a perfect example of water sign Pisces playing in their fantasy world within the real world. 

These days, Drew is most publicly busy as the host of her own talk show, where she connects with her guests on a personal level and is physically affectionate with them, showing her level of caring for people on a deep level. People in her audience often feel deeply connected to her and using her empathy, she allows them to speak, and sometimes cry. She goes into the audience and hug the person, showing her lack of desire to put a barrier between herself and her fans.

Drew’s personality is like a rainbow, and she wears her heart on her sleeve, quite literally as she wore a rainbow gown by Jenny Packham to celebrate her birthday her show last week!

To dress her, I’d style her in pieces that reflect her floaty and feminine style.

The Pink Sparks Necklace and Clouds of Hope Earrings would be my choices to style her as well as both the Petal-Set Solitaire Rings. I can see her stacking both the Rose and Yellow Petal-Set Solitaire Ring with Rhodolite Garnet and Two Tone Petal-Set Solitaire Ring with Green Australian Sapphire together to complete the colorful look. Besides, the tulip-inspired setting would be perfect for her considering the prominence of flowers in her branding.









Trevor Noah


Trevor Noah is the type of Pisces that can swim between the realms of humor and profound statements about the world. He uses his Piscean creativity and empathy to connect with this audience. His experiences traveling all over the world, where he also performs and appeals to many different audiences and cultures, informs his comedy. He specializes in impersonations of people with all kinds of accents and in multiple languages. He dissolves boundaries between cultures and people as only a Pisces could.

As the former host of The Daily Show and now his own podcast, he reaches across boundaries to connect with different types of people, and is often willing to give a voice to people who may be controversial in an attempt to increase his own and the public’s understanding of them. By doing this, he is intuitively tapping into the empathy of his listeners. As the son of a Black woman and White man in Apartheid South Africa, his existence transcended boundaries since his birth. He seems like a loyal and honest friend who you’d want to go on adventures with and could always make you laugh. 

I would dress Trevor in the One Man Band, the Black & Gold Bullet Talisman Pendant, and Double Bullet Cuff Links. All of these pieces transcend gender, but they would adapt easily to his style and look masculine, stylish and effortlessly cool as he is.  

Don’t the Double Bullet Cuff Links kind of even look like the symbol of Pisces, the two fish swimming away from each other?











Rihanna lights up every room she walks into and at least gives the impression that she would be the life of every party. She is known for making a grand entrance and her avant garde fashion, as well as her long career as a singer.  She has since transcended the boundaries of her pop star identity as the founder of FENTY Beauty, lingerie, as an actress, mother and more.  She applies her Piscean creativity to all of her roles. 


Rihanna announced both of her pregnancies in a creative way, the first of which was by (being photographed) walking through the streets of New York wearing baggy jeans and a puffer coat, which was unbuttoned only in the area that would prominently display her bare bulging belly with a long bejeweled necklace dangling over it.

To replicate our version of this moment, I would choose the Open Silhouette Chain Necklace which can be worn in different ways, one of which could be hooked to dangling down over her baby belly.  



Rihanna’s fashion is always as creative as her many ways of being an artist, and her jewelry styling is no exception. Since she is no stranger to unique layering, I would style her in the Convex Hoops in gold, followed by the Mini Open Silhouette Studs and Small Hammered Click Hinge Hoops and Pear-Shaped Hammered Studs both in piercings higher on her ear. 













 As far as necklaces, I’d have the Open Silhouette Chain Necklace wrapped around her neck a few times to be worn as a choker, layered with the Starry Night Hammered Tear Drop Pendant and Starry Night Major Marquise Pendant with Aqua Window dangling down past her decolletage. I’d top it off with the Shelby Ring and stacks of our Signature Diamond Eternity Band and Signature Diamond Bubble Eternity Bands to complete a look as grand and badass as she is. 


















 On par with her way of only showing up when she will do so with a bang, Rihanna does give the impression that she lives in a realm above all of us. She is eternally cool and really does not seem to care at all what people think, yet she keeps us admiring her eternally. Although she is a real person, we see her as a fantasy creature, as if she inhabits the realm of our dreams.


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