Trina Earrings featured on Refinery29

Trina Earrings featured on Refinery29

A Beginner's Guide To Mixed-Metal Jewelry

The blackened gold strips in Dana Bronfman's earrings add contrast and edge to the perfectly polished yellow gold.

Wearing yellow gold with white gold with silver with oxidized silver with platinum has been a contentious jewelry topic for decades. Is metal-mixing a fashion faux pas, or is it just plain fashionable? Some shun the mere idea, but the many-metals aesthetic — which first gained popularity between 1935 and 1950 — has persevered, despite the haters. Today, it's more present than ever — in rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings alike. 

We're not talking about simply stacking your yellow-gold midi rings with your platinum ones. The new stars of the trend include two-toned baubles like those in TARA 4779's percentages collection, which blends yellow and white metals in 10-90, 50-50, and 25-75 ratios. And, let's not forget Digby & Iona's rose-gold and sterling silver signet ring.

Finally ready to give the style a try? We're showing you 12 edgy, simple ways to nail it.

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