Sleeping Beauty Hinged Cuff featured in JCK Online

Sleeping Beauty Hinged Cuff featured in JCK Online

Glamorous Turquoise Jewelry for a Blue Christmas

Click Hinged Cuff with Sleeping Beauty turquoise centerpiece and diamonds in 18k yellow gold, $22,500; Dana Bronfman


Remember Cate Blanchett’s Tiffany & Co. bib necklace at the 2015 Oscars? The legacy of her head-turning choice has lead to an abundance of statement jewels that cast the stone in a couture light, often alongside glittering diamonds for extra wattage.

There’s an air of grandeur to these designs that will definitely have you rethinking turquoise’s longstanding reputation as a summer-only gem.

If your birthday falls in December, you have a few birthstone choices (zircons and tanzanite, in addition to turquoise; some circles also include blue topaz among the options). But top designers seem to have a particular fondness for turquoise, with many favoring the robin’s egg–smooth variety, a select few opting for the rare and exquisite stones from the now-defunct Sleeping Beauty mine.

From boho-luxe to red-carpet-ready, the turquoise pieces below are tailor-made for black-tie holiday (and birthday) celebrations; just imagine them with black velvet or a gown of fluttery red chiffon.

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