The turquoise craving starts to kick in right around this time of year, when it’s still too cold for a summer wardrobe, but warming up enough to justify bright colors and lighter fabrics. As my yearly turquoise hunt begins, I’m struck by Dana Bronfman‘s pear-shape piece, from the new Earth Treasure collection, which you can read more about, here.

Featuring one-of-a-kind designs—this one being no exception—the new collection comes alive with sensational gemstones (one may call them treasures of the earth, so the collection name is apt). But like any Dana Bronfman creation, this ring is about so much more than the starring stone, though the 7 ct. Sleeping Beauty turquoise is most certainly an important player.

With a signature Coin band setting sprinkled in diamonds and the robin’s-egg blue gem, Bronfman’s work is evident at first glance—even if you find yourself a bit distracted by the turquoise’s entrancing beauty. “Matte yellow gold and turquoise look so beautiful together,” says the designer. “My Coin stud earrings inspired the band design.”

Dana Bronfman turquoise ring

Earth Treasure collection ring in 18k yellow gold with 7 ct. Sleeping Beauty turquoise and 0.15 ct. t.w. diamonds, $2,655

“As my work has developed, one piece inspires another, and I get carried away thinking of all the ways I can use my favorite elements in different pieces,” says Bronfman of her design inspirations and use of signature style. “I love creating dimension using negative space and adding an element of surprise. The ring looks nice from the top, but when you look at it from the side, you get the surprise you couldn’t see from the raised setting.

“The pear-shape cabochon of the turquoise gives it a bigger presence—I love big rings,” continues the designer. “I don’t love traditional prong settings, so I wanted to create my own version, one that would draw attention to the stone by hugging it, not overpowering it, while still making the metal noticeable.” Mission accomplished, I’d say, wouldn’t you?