Large Lapis & Rutilated Quartz Doublet Coin Pendant featured in Pietra PR Blog

Large Lapis & Rutilated Quartz Doublet Coin Pendant featured in Pietra PR Blog

The Rock Stars of Tucson

This article was published in the Spring 2018 issue of Gems & Jewellery, Gem-A’s member publication. The article was written by Pietra PR’s Founder, Olga Gonzalez, FGA DGA.

The featured image is a Pendant by Dana Bronfman with a large lapis and rutilated quartz doublet, and yellow and white diamonds set in 18k yellow gold. Image credit: Dana Bronfman.

When gemmologists from across the world descend on the Tucson shows, it is hard not to be reminded of a high school reunion, where old friends catch-up about what’s new in their professional lives. Unlike a high school reunion, however, Tucson provides an opportunity to discuss more interesting topics like rocks and geological formations, gemstone trends and jewellery designs with those who are equally exhilarated by the subject matter. If only this had been offered as a class at school! Now that the 2018 shows are well and truly behind us, here is the lowdown on what was found on the ground…



When walking between the booths, it was clear that designers are embracing the doublet again. Dana Bronfman impressed at JCK Tucson with her stunning lapis lazuli and gold rutile pieces. The gold in the quartz makes the pyrite in the lapis pop, bringing out the beauty in both stones. Bronfman states: “For the new collection I was intrigued to create otherworldly designs using earthy stones, challenging traditional perspectives on high jewellery. I wanted each piece to have a bit of an element of surprise, like a secret between the piece and its owner. You’ll see the pieces have a hidden detail; the pendants are backed with 18k gold pierced with my oculus design, as are parts of rings that can only be seen from certain angles.”


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