Holly Bangle featured on Instore Online

Holly Bangle featured on Instore Online

When it comes to filling your showcases for the holidays, these styles are the favorites to tempt your trend-conscious clients.

Las Vegas Jewelry Week is right around the corner, and as always, INSTORE’s intrepid team of editors and contributors will faithfully trek out to the desert to bring you a look at the latest trends to be found. But why wait? We can give you a sneak peek right now of the sizzling styles that will make their way into wholesale showcases in Las Vegas. Here we place our bets on which hot sellers, emerging trends and expanding categories we believe you should consider before rolling the dice on new items to bring into your store. So have fun, gamble at the tables and go shopping on our predictions.


Wide cuffs and hinged bangles continue to grow in popularity (as opposed to skinny stacks), impacting what your clients will want to wear. These pieces range from the new locket bracelets to distressed metals and chunky gemstone-set styles. For a statement look without the hefty price tag, why not try wide but sculptural styles that are open and airy, allowing for a big look without the heavy metal.


Wide convex-shaped cuff
circular cutouts in black
rhodium-plated sterling silver
with matte finish


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