Dana Bronfman mentioned in Quest Magazine

Dana Bronfman mentioned in Quest Magazine

Three Jewelry Brands on a Mission to Make Women Feel Good

In these times, so much of our lives revolves around wellness. We wear athleisure every day, buy organic groceries, are mindful about the candles we burn, and indulge in regular massages. It’s no surprise, then, that wellness-focused jewelry is on the rise. The three jewelry houses featured here have created brands that are designed to make their customers feel good in more ways than one—whether it’s a positive message designed to empower women, an innovative experience that lets you try jewelry at home before you buy, or a selection of stones that boasts health benefits. The common denominator? The pieces don’t sacrifice aesthetics, so you can also feel good about looking good.
—Daniel Cappello and Ann Loynd Burton


There’s a simple yet innovative concept behind Memo, the online fine-jewelry destination that allows customers to test before they invest. The idea is that you shouldn’t just shop for fine jewelry—you should experience it. Named after the long-standing tradition of stores that would lend their top clients luxurious pieces “on memo”—meaning they could try things at home before purchasing—this online jewelry concept is the brainchild of founder and CEO Debora LaBudde, a woman who spent most of her career in corporate America as a business executive. Like many women, LaBudde has had a long love affair with jewelry, though not with the process of buying it. In stores, there was always the intimidation factor: jewels shining beneath glass cases as if that’s where they belonged (not on the customer). As for online shopping, there was the disconnect between what you saw and what you got. And, to feel good about jewelry purchases, LaBudde believed you have to actually feel it.

And so Memo was born. The online site, experiencememo.com, encourages just what its URL says—to experience jewelry. Here’s how it works: customers browse and explore Memo’s online stable of luxury designers—from Lalaounis, Julez Bryant, and Dana Bronfman to Pippa Small, Nicole Landaw, and Judi Powers, among others—and order pieces at no cost. This way, they can experience them at home for three days, maybe trying them on with a favorite cocktail dress, or maybe with simple jeans and a T-shirt. If you love a piece, you can purchase it as your own. If you don’t, simply send it back.

In an age when luxury is constantly being redefined, Memo stands poised for both the quality of its products and its experiential element. Luxury is the extension of courtesies, and Memo is essentially a huge courtesy service. It instills trust and respect with its clients, thereby building genuine relationships with customers who visit the site. Need convincing? Then just give something a try—“on memo,” of course. —DC

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