Dana Bronfman fine jewelry mentioned in Downtown Magazine

Dana Bronfman fine jewelry mentioned in Downtown Magazine

5 Classic Gift Ideas For Valentine Day’s

Valentine’s Day is a mere week away, and this certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. While people have mixed emotions about this holiday, we at Downtown believe that this day is for everyone! Self-love is just as important as showering your significant other with love, and Valentine’s day is as good a time as any to appreciate yourself and those around you.

So how do you best show it? We’ve rounded up some Valentine’s Day classics that can be given to yourself, your special someone, or a friend! Galentine’s Day is a thing too, and we certainly think the love of good friends and friendships are worth celebrating, too.

Bright Like A Diamond

Photo: Courtesy of tiffany.com

In the famous words of Marilyn Monroe, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And this certainly still rings true on Valentine’s Day. Just as no two diamonds are the same, neither are people. So choosing the right jewelry piece can be tricky. It’s all about personal style and preferences, so a good tip can be to look at your valentine’s style. Do they wear classic outfits, more minimalistic or are their outfits bold and playful? Then a good choice can be to mimic this in jewelry choices. Some brands we suggest taking a closer look at is Dana Bronfman‘s stunning pieces, Scandinavian Maria Black‘s minimalist love pieces, and, of course, you can never go wrong with one of Tiffany’s Valentine’s Day picks wrapped up in their iconic blue box.

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