Dana Bronfman Collaboration with Fashionkind featured on The Daily Front Row

Dana Bronfman Collaboration with Fashionkind featured on The Daily Front Row

Fashionkind Launches Private Label

Fashionkind, arguably one of the chicest e-commerce destinations for sustainable and ethically-minded fashion, has launched its first capsule collection. Thirty exclusive pieces have been created in collaboration with 11 designers from around the globe. The collection includes both accessories and ready-to-wear, and offers a sneak peek of Fashionkind’s Fine Jewelry Vault, which will launch in September and feature original designs from Sandy Leong, Lola Fenhurst, Dana Bronfman, Tejen, and Kimberlin Brown. “Fine jewelry is a natural segue for us; by its very nature, it is an art that is created and consumed to be kept forever, which is how we believe all fashion should be honored and cherished,” founder Nina Farran told The Daily.

Ten out of the 11 designers featured in the capsule collection are new to Fashionkind, and the collection is part of the e-comm’s site announcement of its partnership with these brands and the upcoming launch of its Fall/Winter 2017 collections on the site. Plus, launching today on Fashionkind is their “Meet the Designer Series,” which will feature interviews with each designer from the capsule collection that explains the thought process behind each work.

“As Fashionkind has grown, we’ve been lucky to see changes in the industry and in how we find new designers,” said Farran. “There are more and more designers in the market who are dedicated to marrying ethics and sustainability with luxury style, and we’ve seen a shift from our reaching out proactively to designers to them contacting us wanting to be a part of what we are doing. It has been a powerful, exciting validation of our work. With more designers who meet our criteria than even one year ago, we are thrilled to be expanding and making some changes to Fashionkind.com to showcase their work.”

One of Farran’s favorite pieces is a Lutindzi grass woven bag from Swaziland. Farran filled us in on what makes it special…

“Nearly two years ago, I visited Swaziland after a happenstance meeting with two strangers.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as soon as I arrived I knew I was in for the adventure of a lifetime. I stayed in Malkerns Valley, where open fields leading up to the Mlilwane Mountains in the distance met the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. Although I could say my experience there was magical, it’s hard to describe just how special it was. While in Swaziland I had the honor of meeting many talented artisans​, one of whom was Soniso, a master craftsman trained in the traditional local skill of lutindzi grasweaving. Soniso was eager to show me what he was creating: beautiful clutches and shoulder bags created entirely by hand. He took me through each step of the process, from drawing and cutting each component, to sewing together the leather accent pieces that adorned each bag. I came to learn that leatherwork was not a practice native to Swaziland, which I would have never known observing Soniso’s talent. Instead, a master Italian leathersmith was brought to teach the artisans how to handle leather and incorporate it with their weaving. It was a powerful example of honoring traditional craft while elevating it for the modern consumer.  I am proud to say that as part of our capsule collection, we have launched three exclusive bags with Khokho, the company for which Soniso works in Swaziland. The bags are a tribute to my time in Swaziland and the incredible talent and traditions that exist not only there but also around the world. Each bag is a work of art and demonstrates that ethics and sustainability can be synonymous with luxury, without sacrificing style—the embodiment of Fashionkind.”

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