Dana Bronfman designs featured in Beauty and the Pleats

Dana Bronfman designs featured in Beauty and the Pleats


JCK Las Vegas, North America’s most comprehensive and innovative jewelry destination, recently wrapped up an exhibit that showcased jewelry brands and designers and covered the latest in fine and fashion jewelry. I definitely like to keep up-to-date when it comes to accessories, and I am LOVING the trends that have popped up for the year! While I’m still a bit of “conservative” when it comes to jewelry (I like minimal (in quantity) but bold in making a statement), I have been getting more adventurous with it. Here are a few trends that have been highlighted:



Warm yellow gold (this goes SO well with my skin tone!) along with colored gemstones make the perfect combination for a globe-trotting trend. Like I mentioned earlier, I love jewelry that makes a statement, and this style will definitely give you that.


Dana Bronfman Holly Bangle

This may have been an ongoing trend for a few years now, but it’s here to stay. From circles, to triangles and other polygons, these shapes can enhance any outfit and make a statement on its own. Even gems can fall into this category!


Dana Bronfman Diana Earrings (left), Climbing Persistence Earrings (right)

Remember when you were taught not to mix patterns with clothing but that theory has been debunked because it actually works when you do it right? Same goes for jewelry. This was much harder for me to break than pattern-mixing with clothes, but once I got my first few mixed metal pieces, I could not stop wearing them. I just wore my rose and yellow gold ring yesterday! They are so much fun and look how great these pieces are? I love that mixed metals provide contrast, and the hammered matte finish completely enhances it.

So if you are looking to keep updated with jewelry, JCK is THE top destination for discovering new trends! I’m excited to experiment with these trends and incorporate them with my outfits. Which trend is your favorite?

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