CJDG’s Cindy Edelstein Memorial Charity Auction featured on Shulman Says

CJDG’s Cindy Edelstein Memorial Charity Auction featured on Shulman Says

CJDG’s Cindy Edelstein Memorial Charity Auction

Cindy Edelstein was one of those rare individuals, about whom nobody has anything bad to say (nothing, nada, zilch – ask around).  She was an entrepreneur, editor, author, and jewelry industry consultant; who passed away, at the age of 51, in January of 2016.

A staunch advocate for designers, and a mentor to so many, Edelstein co-founded the Jeweler’s Resource Bureau with her husband, Frank; and was an in-demand trade show consultant for COUTURE, JCK, and AGTA.  It was in this roll that I met her, and where she took me under her wing.  Cindy was always the first to comment on a social media post, or to email me some insight about a design-related theory with which I might’ve been noodling.

When I first began attending COUTURE, some designers just wouldn’t make the time to meet with me.  I mean, it happens.  I had to admit that, much to my chagrin, not everyone had heard of me.  But Cindy, an editor herself (who was a fan of both my writing and my moxie), would personally escort me to those booths – with that smile so big she was just curls, glasses, and teeth –  and after a quick intro and a bit of that Cindy magic…  Well, let’s just say that my COUTURE dance-card has been full, ever since.

As this year’s COUTURE approaches (June 2nd – 6th, at Wynn Las Vegas), the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group decided to produce a charity auction, in Cindy’s memory.  Comprised of jewelry donated by the CJDG’s members, the proceeds of the auction will be split between a pair of organizations – Jewelers for Children, that serves kids affected by illness, abuse, or neglect; and the Women’s Jewelry Association, that awards an annual Cindy Edelstein Jewelry Design Scholarship.

You can peruse the auction, now, at Auction.CJDG.Jewelry; and can bid anytime until June 3rd.  And since I was already soaking in it (thanks, Madge!), I figured that I’d curate some of the stand-out pieces in the auction, for your edification.  So, look over my selections; check-out the auction; bid on your favorite items; and lemme know if you concur with my picks.

So, good luck, and happy bidding!

And to Cindy, thank you for everything: You made such a difference. 

Cindy Edelstein Memorial Charity Auction
Contemporary Jewelry Design Group in conjunction with COUTURE
May 15th – June 3rd
Click HERE to view the auction
Get into it!
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