'A Story Uniquely Yours' campaign featured on National Jeweler

'A Story Uniquely Yours' campaign featured on National Jeweler
Dana Bronfman’s marketing campaign for her core jewelry collection features clients, friends and family rather than models to show how they would style her pieces.


New York--For designer Dana Bronfman’s new campaign, she’s letting her customers and friends do the talking.  

Rather than styling a photoshoot with models wearing her jewelry, Bronfman decided to have her latest campaign feature real people wearing pieces from her core jewelry collection.

“I can’t tell you how many times I have heard women say, whether about a piece of jewelry or anything that they wear, ‘I love it, but I could never pull it off.’ I wanted to show them that they can pull it off.”

Photographer Tiago Chediak shot the “A story uniquely yours” campaign. 

Bronfman said she wanted to use real people instead of models so that customers could see themselves reflected in those that appear in the campaign and imagine how they might wear the pieces in their everyday life.

She chose people from all demographics and looks in order to capture the versatility of the jewelry, demonstrating how women--and a man--of different ages could wear and even share pieces.

“I chose clients whom I also have a personal relationship with and also have a strong individual style,” Bronfman said. “I knew their emotional connection to the pieces would come through in the images.

“What is so amazing to me about jewelry is that, while it is of a high material value, its emotional value is often much more powerful than the dollar amount, and that is what ultimately inspires people to own it either for themselves or buy it for someone they love.”

According to Bronfman, the clients in the campaign own some of the jewelry they’re wearing but not every piece.

“We helped them style the jewels, but they weighed in and made sure that the resulting looks were consistent with their personal styles and felt uniquely and authentically them.”

The campaign was created in large part for the designer’s website and social media, but also will be featured in a look book to help tell the story of her core collection, she said.

Bronfman also is encouraging clients and followers to share their own images of how they wear their jewelry on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by tagging @danabronfman and using the hashtag #AStoryUniquelyYours.

As far as the direction of the campaign in the future, Bronfman told National Jeweler that she likely will come out with new versions of the campaign, adapting the “mood” to fit future collections.

“There are many more people I would love to see photographed in my jewelry,” she said.

Eventually, the designer even would love to see a book produced featuring the individuals wearing her jewelry and showing how they use their style to tell their own stories.
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