Here are some highlights of custom pieces and sold one-of-a-kind designs from over the years. Feel free to reach out if something inspires you to work on a custom piece together as you browse.

- Love, Dana 

Dana Bronfman x Muzo Emeralds Marquise Agra Button Earrings

Dana Bronfman x Muzo Emeralds Marquise Agra Button Earrings

Open spaces in India's forts and palaces inspired a shape that Dana incorporated into the design of these earrings, whose shape compliments two marquise-shaped emerald cabochons that rest on the earlobe underneath a small diamond. Hammered 18 karat yellow gold with flush-set VVS diamonds sprinkled throughout form a small cascade below the emeralds, making these earrings more striking than a stud, but easier to wear than a drop earring. Casual enough for every day but bold enough for a formal event, these earrings capture the meaning of quietly bold and illuminate the illuminate the face of she who wears them.

The Muzo mine is known for its humanitarian practices as well as for producing the best naturally-colored emeralds in the world. Each gemstone is custom cut in Colombia to bring out the gem's maximum potential natural color, making each piece a one-of-a-kind work of art in its own right.


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