Scorpio Season Style

Scorpio Season Style

Scorpios are known to be intense characters and emotionally deep. They are the most mysterious of all signs, are comfortable with darkness, confrontation and can be highly intuitive. Arguably the most passionate of all signs, they are often mistaken for a fire sign, but instead Scorpio represents the fixed water of the zodiac.

I’ve decided to keep it simple this zodiac season and write about a quintessential Scorpio, actor Tilda Swinton, who certainly lives up to the mysterious quality of their sign.

Swinton is known for playing intense, broody, mysterious characters.  There are many roles they play that take on a whole new quality when Tilda embodies them, always retaining an enigmatic and strong presence, expressing the depth and oddness of the characters not many actors could portray effectively and dynamically.    

According to Wikipedia, Swinton stated publicly that she was considering quitting acting to “retrain as a palliative carer” after living with long Covid in early 2022.  As Scorpio rules death and rebirth, and transformation, I believe this is a career that would suit her just as well as acting.

Swinton dresses minimally and makes a statement all at the same time by wearing eclectic and androgynous clothing with a single statement piece of jewelry. We have seen Swinton in iconic brooches, bracelets, necklaces, and only earrings in rarer cases, which is not the norm on the red carpet.  The pieces she wears are always interesting and artistic, such as the Melting Time Pendant or Brooch. 

I could also see her wearing the Climbing Persistence Earrings , but a single earring of these only.  If I were her stylist, I would dress Tilda in a single of these earrings with the necklace.

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