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My Endless Source of Inspiration, Oculus

Posted on January 16 2017


Time is my ultimate vice because I feel I am constantly running out of it. As a result, I believe it is the ultimate luxury. I remember my time spent living in Barcelona, when I studied the region’s art history and fell in love with Salvador Dalí’s “The Persistence of Memory,” the famous painting of melting clocks. 

This collection aims to tame time and through the oculus, an architectural term for a circular opening in a space, which is a theme throughout my work. The openness of these cutouts evoke light, free times, when openness and endless possibilities abound. 


The Oculus Collection brings in this surrealist expression while encompassing my signature cutouts; these unexpected shapes all contain openings, movement, and versatile, convertible parts that can be worn on a luxurious occasion and for every day. While the style of this collection is still architectural and contain rivets, the styles are more avant-garde and organic than my other work and undulate as if melting, like time slipping away.

With this collection, I aim to bring this feeling of openness and freedom to women who want to luxuriously express their uniqueness and to allow them to live the days and nights of their precious lives to their fullest sparkling potential.



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