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Jewels that Transform with You

Posted on August 11 2017

We know you play many roles in life and don't wear the same thing to work as you do to a party. But when buying fine jewelry, you want it to be a piece you can wear all the time, right? We created some jewelry that can transform to fit your lifestyle, so you can wear a pair of earrings to work and then dress them up for happy hour or a gala event.

Scroll down for some of our favorite convertible looks and find one that suits your personality and style!

Climbing Persistence Earrings + Open Lily Extenders

Perfect for the bold type, the Climbing Persistence Earrings (below left) can be worn on their own or paired with different earring extenders, such as the Open Lily Extenders (right), which you can collect over time, as you experiment with different metal color combinations and lengths. 
Each extender hooks easily on and off the Climbing Persistence Earrings as well as the other extenders. They are all interchangeable so you can switch up the color pattern and make them as short or long as you would like! 
You can also wear the Open Lily Extenders with the

Open Lily Earrings


The Open Lily Earrings (above left) make a statement simply by being so unique, but you can increase that statement value by adding Open Lily extenders-- as many or as few as you like (pictured above right with one pair of extenders). Again, they are interchangeable and all hook on and off of each other as well as the main earrings.The idea is that you can create whatever length you like best to suit your mood or occasion!  

Pairing the Open Lily Earrings with the Pendulum Extenders creates another look we love. We love how the long 9cm length and the color and size of the black diamonds (.25 carats each) balance the bold earring. 
The Pendulum Extenders also come in shorter lengths with smaller white diamonds, which are perfect to add a little length to any stud from our collection or one you already have!

Triangle Chain Drop Extenders

If you like delicate jewelry you can layer, the Triangle Chain Drop Extenders are your best bet! They come in different lengths, 3cm, 5cm, and 9cm. You can mix and match metal color combinations and lengths all at once!  
We suggest daring to wear multiple extenders at the same time, ultimately customizing your very own one-of-a-kind look that can transform from a polished, minimal stud to a fun, fuller, fringe effect.  

Melting Time Brooch

The Melting Time brooch is the definition of convertibility since a man can wear it on the lapel of his blazer, and a woman may also wear it as brooch or a pendant! You can share this piece with you significant other, A++.

Half-Dipped Lily Loop Necklace

Our Half-Dipped Lily Loop Necklace transforms from a bracelet to a necklace to all kinds of necklaces. You can wear wrapped three times around the wrist, as a single layering strand around your neck, as a lariat, or as a choker and let the rest of the necklace hang in the back -- perhaps showing on a low-back blouse or top (like in the below left image). The hook clasp can latch on to any chain link to give any of the aforementioned styles, or any other looks you can dream up. 


Holly Pendant

You can wear the Holly Pendant as either a vertical or horizontal bar necklace, or even off-kilter as the chain can slip through any of its circular openings.


You can layer several of them in one look and style them to different lengths, thanks to our adjustable chains! You can even slip it off the chain and wear it on a ribbon or strand of leather. We created several variations in color, metal, and diamond style, so you can choose the one that is most you, and then wear it a different way every day depending on your neckline.

Which is your favorite of these convertible looks? Tell us in the comments below. 


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